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HTTPS and SSL – Do I need it?

For HTTPS and SSL, in September 2016, Google announced that in January 2017 they would begin displaying the security of the connection in the address bar of Chrome version 56 and up on pages that display a password and/or a credit card field. This is the beginning of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP pages non-secure.

As you probably already noticed, Google Chrome just released a new version of its browser that shows users if they are on a secure or non-secure site. If they are visiting your website and you have an SSL installed, they will see a big padlock saying secure. If you don’t have an SSL, they will see an ! with a note saying: ”Your connection to this site is not private”

What does it mean for my website?

Having an unsecured website from this point forward could give you more issues than just Google ranking. Your visitors may no longer trust your website and go to a competitors website that does have SSL.

What do i do next?

You need to decide when rather than if you want to make the switch to HTTPS.

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